Non Profit Organization Makes an Impact on the Road

For those who have never heard of a program called SteerSmart, our firm would highly recommend everyone to look into it, especially those with young drivers. After seeing and dealing with several cases involving tragic accidents on the road, Borchardt Law Firm wants all drivers to be reminded of the basic ways to stay safe behind the wheel. At times, it is easy to simply think you’ll be fine with out your seat belt, or going 10 over on the high way is no big deal. However, after watching a presentation done by SteerSmart, you’ll be reminded why those simple gestures can not only save your life, but other drivers and passenger’s lives as well.

SteerSmart is a non-profit organization devoted to educating young drivers and parents about the risks and safety of driving. The program informs the public through presentations, literature and videos targeted to drivers, passenger and their parents. “The program helps drivers become more responsible and safer while helping their parents learn the real risks they face and how to better protect them.” SteerSmart presentations cover topics ranging from speeding to texting to alcohol to overcorrecting. The program covers every risk you can think of, and how easily those risks can be avoided. SteerSmart was founded by Lauren Winborne. Winborne, a mother of six, began the program after hearing interviews with parents who had lost their children to accidents. Winborne has since strived to educate schools, associations and communities in hopes to help prevent accidents that take lives and leave others impaired.

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After attending a presentation, the program is guaranteed to leave an impact. SteerSmart presents students in the program who have been killed by making just one fatal decision and survivors from crashes discussing how easily their accidents could have been avoided. Accidents occur everyday across the U.S. Of all those accidents, 70 percent of them are avoidable accidents. SteerSmart shows their audience how to be in that 70 percent, the program focuses on the idea that no one wakes up and begins their day with the thought process of, “I could die this afternoon.” When you think twice about that statement, you begin to realize all the small things you might do behind the wheel that only increase your chances of being involved in an accident. It makes you think twice about the risks of driving and how to prevent your children from making those dangerous decisions.


SteerSmart hosts presentations all over the U.S. The program continues to leave an impact and make a difference in all drivers’ lives. “The program has been delivered in all types of venues to all kinds of audiences. The common thread is that it has been hailed as memorable, instructive and vital by audiences all over the country.” Remember that the road is a dangerous place. It is vital to be reminded of the dangers of driving and to think twice about every decision you make when you get behind the wheel. Learn more about SteerSmart’s safety tips and facts to keep your drivers safe.

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