Pizza Delivery Man Attacked in Dallas

Around 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday evening, a Domino’s pizza delivery man was attacked as he was making a delivery to a Dallas apartment complex. The address where the delivery was made was a vacant apartment. When he arrived to his destination at the Sienna Palms Apartments in northeast Dallas, the delivery man was immediately attacked. He tried running, but unfortunately, he was gunned down and shot in the back. The delivery man’s condition is still unknown and is currently being treated at Baylor Hospital. The suspect is still at large and police are currently investigating the incident.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim and his family during this tough time.
Borchardt Law Firm currently represents the family of a Domino’s pizza delivery man who was assaulted while making a delivery. Unfortunately, the injuries that were inflicted ended his life. A claim has been brought against the local franchise and the national corporation of Domino’s Pizza alleging that the company failed to implement security policies and procedures on the safe delivery of pizza, particularly in unsafe areas. The attorney on the case, Geno Borchardt, stated, “they have numerous policies in place to protect the safety of their driver, but many of these policies were ignored. The victim of this incident was a good man. He loved his wife deeply and their life together was ruined because Domino’s failed to follow safe procedures. The purpose of this lawsuit is to ensure that nothing this tragic ever happens to anybody else.” (read full story)

If you or a loved one have ever been in a situation to where you feel you were not properly warned about the safety of the area or procedures, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer. At Borchardt Law Firm we have seen and dealt with many cases under these circumstances. We feel the work we do will continue to protect future generations of Texans. We currently serve in the Dallas Fort Worth area; feel free to give us a call.

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