Will Surveillance Cameras Decrease the Risk of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect?

When it comes to nursing homes, several difficult decisions must be made. Deciding when to move a loved one into a nursing home is a strenuous process, we all want the best for our family and need to consider several things when it comes to finding the right home. Unfortunately, one important area that needs to be considered when finding the right home is nursing home abuse and neglect. Sadly, it is much more common than we think. Several homes across the U.S. are deciding if they want cameras placed in all rooms of nursing homes, hoping to prevent any abuse or neglect.

In 2009, the public was informed about one of the largest nursing home abuse cases the U.S. has seen. In Arlington, Virginia, close to a dozen employees at the Potomac Center nursing home were indicted on multiple charges of abuse and neglect. Complaints ranged from un-changed diapers to never being fed. When one woman became aware of how her husband was being treated in the home, her attorney asked her if she would allow the FBI to put a surveillance camera in her husband’s room at the center. After agreeing to add surveillance, solid evidence was caught on tape. With the addition of the surveillance camera, 11 employees were indicted on charges including neglect, forgery to assault, and battery, the most serious charge being a nurse holding a pillow over the patients face. (read full story)

After reviewing the case, attorneys and the public have stated this kind of behavior can be found at several nursing homes across the U.S., supporting the idea that all homes need to have surveillance cameras in order to keep their patients safe. Many cases of nursing home abuse and neglect go un-reported, leaving patients at risk for further abuse. Signs of abuse and neglect can vary among each patient differently; if you have a loved one in a nursing home, make sure to be aware of any signs or symptoms they may have that reflect abuse or neglect. To read about the obvious and less obvious signs of abuse or neglect click here.


If you have a loved one that you believe might be a victim of abuse or neglect don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer to discuss your legal options. At Borchardt Law Firm we have seen and dealt with many nursing home abuse cases, we believe that the work we do and recommendations we suggest will continue to protect future generations of Texans. Feel free to give us a call.

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