Johnson & Johnson Reportedly Knew of ASR Hip Implant Failure Rate


New records have come to light in the face of impending trials regarding Johnson & Johnson’s metal-on-metal hip replacements. The company recalled their ASR (Articular Surface Replacement) implants in August of 2010. Over 31,000 patients have received these implants worldwide. There are now over 10,000 lawsuits against the manufacturer citing premature failure and metal poisoning, among other complications. Most of these lawsuits are consolidated in California and Ohio, and the trial proceedings in the California Superior Court are expected to begin today.

Newly disclosed court records show that in 2011, Johnson & Johnson conducted an internal analysis of the device, not long after the troubled hip implant was recalled. According to the New York Times, the analysis estimated that the all-metal device would fail within five years in nearly 40 percent of patients who received it. While Johnson & Johnson never released the results of this investigation, the company downplayed the result of a British study with similar findings.

According to Bloomberg, J&J defends their actions by stating that they were attempting to look out for patient interests by conducting an internal review, but that their analysis was based on too small of a sample to be generalized, unlike other published data on the matter. However, regardless of intent, this new information may prove very important in the upcoming trials on this defective medical device; many lawyers representing hip replacement patients have rejected Johnson & Johnson’s offers to settle outside of court.

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