Firework Accidents on the Rise


With the Fourth of the July holiday still fresh in our minds, it is important not to overlook the potential danger of operating fireworks. Though a beloved tradition, by nature alone fireworks can be extremely hazardous. Some recent reports have shown that serious fireworks-related injuries are currently on the rise. Perhaps not surprisingly, nearly three quarters of such injuries take place in the month surrounding the Fourth of July. At Borchardt Law Firm, we’ve seen injury cases involving faulty or otherwise poorly functioning fireworks, often concerning workers of firework display companies. There are reports all over the nation of people sustaining serious injuries during this holiday weekend.

Firework injuries can range from small nicks and blisters to life-threatening burns. While sparklers injure many civilians and children every year, larger firework shows can be very unsafe for workers. Firework companies may be at fault when defective fireworks are allowed to be handled or when fireworks are handled in hazardous environments. Often such accidents involve prematurely firing mortars, the shells used to shoot fireworks into the air. When a mortar explodes near people or in unfavorable conditions serious damage can occur. The most common areas injured by firework explosions are the eyes, face and arms of victims.

In 2011, 9,600 consumers were injured and four were killed in firework accidents. This is an increase of over 1,000 injuries since the previous year. Fireworks are explosive devices, and their operation should not be taken lightly. Too often employers or individuals overlook proper safety precautions in handling such incendiary materials. While there are some ways to improve safety, including stricter usage of the appropriate electrical release methods (where an employee may simply press a button to detonate fireworks from a reasonable distance rather than manually light them), the responsibility falls on manufacturers and employers to ensure the safety of their products and those charged with using them.


At Borchardt Law Firm, we wish for no family to ever experience incapacitating tragedies due to firework accidents. Our firm has the experience and the drive necessary to continue to strive for the improved protection of future generations of Texans. If you or a loved one have ever suffered from a related misfortune and feel you were not properly protected from the potential risks, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer to discuss any legal compensation you might be entitled to. Borchardt Law Firm represent clients over many areas in Texas; feel free to give us a call.

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